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It’s mørketid. In the south I see light in the sky. Not much, so I take Bizou for a walk without my camera, hoping for some inspiration for my newsletter. It’s beautiful outside, a bit of snow has dusted the darkbrown heia with white powder. Just how I like it: enough snow so it coats the earth in white and not so much that it is hard to walk. And for once there is not much wind. I walk along the coastline, seeing the dark clouds in the north, above the sea. A tiny bit of blue, open sky manages to reflect an ever so subtle light in the dark sea. White waves and a lighthouse with its beam of light, completes the stunning picture. I feel angry with myself for not taking my camera with me. I walk on, trying to forget about photography and take in the beauty but I do not manage. My head is busy with all kinds of thoughts, not in the least the one that I should be able to calm down and enjoy! For goddess sake, I teach meditation and body-awareness, so I should be able to calm my mind, shouldn’t I?! I become more and more restless, more and more fed up with myself. And trying sooooo hard NOT to be that. Then, with the light outside fading into darkness, I see the light within. I can never calm down when I keep on walking in the past, blaming myself for a decision I made an hour ago. What counts is making a choice right here about what I want with all that is right NOW! A conscious decision, not being led by unconscious choices. Immediately I do calm down, And as easy as that, I let go of my blame-game and I decide to take in the beauty around me. With peace in my mind and enough inspiration for my newsletter, I head home, to the lighthouse. So in the end I got exactly what I wanted and that is inspiration for my newsletter. God works in mysterious ways ....:-).

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With love from the lighthouse,



Kind regards,
Marielle van Dop