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Return of the light


Mørketid is over and the light has returned ! And what a light it is. If the clouds are not too heavy, the sky is celebrating the return of the light with the most beautiful, abundant colours you can imagen.What a gift ! I am surrounded by colours, light and shapes :). If it is not storming....... Then the wind scourges the lighthouse and that is in its own way, beautiful as well. But best not to be much outside when the wind tries to blow me of my feet. But Bizou, my dog, braves everything: the cold, the hard wind, the long waiting when I am busy taking pictures ...... I am so happy to have her with me here. I don’t know if I would feel so pleased to be here, if I did not have her company.  Therefore a little tribute to the queen of the far north: I give you ..... Bizou !


My ankle is doing much better but is still a bit of a worry. I have been to the doctor and she referred me to the physiotherapist. Hope that will give me some more insight in how I should deal with it.

This time not one but two blogs !!! ‘Balance’, which I wrote almost a month ago about how to stay on my feet (with an injured one) and ‘Hunting for the light’, just written today. Like we say in dutch: 'vers van de pers' :-).

Enjoy !!



Love from the Lighthouse,

Marielle & Bizou






Kind regards,
Marielle van Dop