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YES! With a sudden spurt, my car manages to get free of the melting ice. For the first time in almost four months, I am able to drive my car again. All that time my car stood under a growing layer of snow until I could barely see it. But even though it has been storming a lot lately, this last week the temperatures are well above 0 C, also at night. So the snow is melting fast. With a bit of melancholy I see the white snow disappear. I like snow and with my sore ankle I have not been able to enjoy it as much as I would have liked. For example I have not skied once! But fortunatly I have been able to use my 'truger' (snowshoes). And I have driven a snowscooter! Which I liked very much :-). 

As I drive up with my car to the lighthouse, I see the melting snow and ice. I stop my car because I want to take some pictures. When I get out of the car, my eyes drop down to the earth and I suddenly see the opening buds of a willow! Goosechicks they call them here. I can hardly believe my eyes. This I had not expected to see half of march. I stop and take in this first sign of spring. And my heart jumps with joy. For even though I have my regrets about saying goodbye to the winter, I LOVE spring as well! Those early signs of the start of a new cycle. It shows the great power of nature of renewing itself. I take deep breaths of the fresh air. It smells differently after months of snow and storm: fresh, earthy. My body is responding with heightened energy. And even though it will snow again at the end of the week and winter has not yet left, these tiny buds that spring to life so quickly, are the promises of yet another great cycle of seasons. And I wonder what it will bring me.....

But first, read about my experiences with the stormy winter, in my freshly new blog: Storm!


With love from the lighthouse,


Marielle & Bizou



Kind regards,
Marielle van Dop