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Many shades of grey

It is winter again. The forecasted snow that I mention in my blog, is here now. The wind blows the wet snow almost vertical. When I look up, out of my window, I see white foamy waves in the sea. Birds fly bravely through the snow. How will I miss this view of the ocean. It is always different. The sea has shown me all kinds of shades in blue, green and gray (even more then 50 :-) ). And the sky, from heavily loaded grey skies as now, until beautiful shades of orange, purple and red, with spectacular clouds. Who needs TV when you can have such a changing view of nature, right in front of you.

It’s a perfect day for writing and sorting out my pictures for this new blog and newsletter. Bizou sleeps quietly on the floor behind me. I have lit some candles. Even though there is plenty of daylight  now, the snow clouds make all a bit gloomy. I can hardly believe that already in two and a half weeks time, the sun will stay above the horizon for proximally two months. Midnattssol we call that here. I intentionally write ‘we’ because I realised some weeks ago, that I do feel part of the community here. When I go to the supermarket here in the village, I exchange greetings here and there and have a talk with someone (in Norwegian!). Having a dinner party for my birthday or be invited to one. Or go to a concert like last night. Yes here in Gamvik. And it was very beautiful. It was called: songs of the heart, how more appropriate can it be. For this land here, sings its song in my heart. And I gladly join in for a duet....

Enough of the chitchat (even though it is meaningful of course), time for a new blog: Vår.



With love from the lighthouse,

Marielle and bizou


Kind regards,
Marielle van Dop