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It has been more than a year since I wrote my last newsletter and blog from the lighthouse in the very north of Norway. This is an update long overdue with some really good news and some sad news.

To start with the good news:

I am going back !!! Not only for a visit but to stay. I have bought a lovely house in the village near the lighthouse, Gamvik. In the months after coming back here in the Netherlands, I felt a constant ache in my heart. I felt I was so not in the place where I wanted to be.

In February this year, a friend of mine in Gamvik told me there would come a house available, just perfect for me. Small, at the outer edge of the village and with quite some land around it. While I was driving in my car to the south of the Netherlands, I thought: what if I would just do it? What if I would just sell my house here in the Netherlands, pack my stuff and move to Norway, to the place where my soul calls me? At the moment I felt a big YES in my heart, I saw to my amazement that I was driving on the exact same spot as 3 years ago, when I got the sign of the lighthouse and knew I had to fulfill my dream of living for a year in the world’s most northern lighthouse (see my website / about me). Is that divine guidance or what ??!!

So my dreams have expanded and now I am leaving the Netherlands to live in a new country. In a place where I feel so at home. The road to get there had quite some bumps in and it felt many times like a roller coaster ride. But my course was set and I even with fear in my belly, I kept moving on. It's been 6 months of letting go, letting go and letting more go.

Materialistic stuff and a lot of weight that I carried from the past. Now in 2 days’ time, the moving truck will arrive to gather my things and bring it to the north. On September the 3th, the truck will arrive in Gamvik and I as well. My house in the Netherlands is still for sale, but I am confident it will sell soon. I will of course share more of my journey of how I got where I am now. But for now this is enough. I just wanted to let you know.

So the good news for you is that you will be getting monthly blogs from the far north again. Full of beautiful pictures and heartfelt stories. I am looking forward to share with you again.

And now I come to the sad news.

I will have to undertake this journey without my lovely companion Bizou. She who featured in so many pictures and was such a good company will not be with me in the flesh anymore. She told me just before I had to put her to sleep that she will be there with me in Norway, but that she was happy she did not have to travel physically with me in the car for 3.500 km, to get there :-). So this time I will have to travel really on my own and will start my new life without my dog. I am sure there will come a new companion in the future but for now I want to honor and remember my friend Bizou...

No blog this time, just this update. More tales to come next month, from the land of the light and the dark !!!

Until soon !

With love, Marielle

Kind regards,
Marielle van Dop