In 2014 I followed the whispers of my soul, to spend a year in Slettnes Fyr (Norway), the world’s most northern lighthouse on the mainland. During this sabbatical year,  I was deeply touched by the beautiful and pure nature of the arctic. I spend my time wandering through nature with my camera, to make many beautiful pictures and write about my experiences in my blogs. On my return to the Netherlands, I could no longer thrive in my country of origin. The call of my soul to return to the primal landscape of Gamvik was so strong, I decided to emigrate there and call this unique area my home. Unfortunately without my wonderful dog Bizou, who passed away in 2016.

Taking my time to settle in my new home, I am now ready to restart my blogs and share again my photos and experiences. I invite you to join me on my journey in the arctic.

With love,

Marielle van Dop